ManageFirst® Program Components

From training materials to certificates, the ManageFirst Program is a complete training solution. Below is an overview of all of the individual components that make up the program.

Textbooks The program includes 10 textbooks* that can be used as standalone training materials or in conjunction with other materials. Each includes the essential content for each topic, plus learning activities, professional profiles, research topics and more.
*ServSafe and ServSafe Alcohol are both standalone programs in addition to being part of the ManageFirst Program, and therefore have their own training textbooks. For more information, please visit

Exams: Cover the material in the textbooks, and can be taken in either paper-and-pencil format or online to meet the needs of you and your class. The National Restaurant Association processes all exams, with full administration, support and customer service.

Certificates: Participants in the ManageFirst Program earn ManageFirst Program certificates after passing the exam correlating to a ManageFirst topic. These certificates reward students for their accomplishment and serve as a resource to be used in the job search process. Further, industry hiring managers can look for these certificates when searching for top-shelf, qualified talent.

The ManageFirst Professional® (MFP) Credential: The ManageFirst Professional credential is a distinguished recognition endorsed by the National Restaurant Association. This credential represents both dedication and proven management skills. Those who earn the MFP have passed five required ManageFirst exams (including ServSafe) and accrued 800 hours of unpaid or paid industry work experience. Seeing "ManageFirst Professional" or "MFP" on a resume indicates that the candidate has mastered key skills and has real-world experience. These candidates can hit the ground running.
Click for details on MFP Requirements.

Instructor Tools: Registered ManageFirst Instructors can access useful online tools to take them from pre-class preparation to end of term exams, including:

  • Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides
  • Instructor Manual
  • Chapter Learning Objectives
  • Chapter Summary
  • Key Terms
  • Chapter's Concepts and Teaching Tips
  • Case Study Answers
  • Application Exercise Solutions
  • Review Your Learning Answer Key
  • Field Project Explanation
  • Suggested In-Class Activities
  • Suggested Homework Activities
  • MyTest Test Bank for ManageFirst
  • Exams and Exam answer keys