ManageFirst® Program Overview

Program participants receive industry-respected training that prepares them to confidently lead our ever-growing industry. This management program teaches practical competencies needed to face real-world challenges in the industry, including interpersonal communication, ethics, accounting skills and more.

Flexible to meet the needs of academic and corporate training situations.

The ManageFirst Program is designed to be highly flexible

  • The program can be utilized in both an academic and industry training setting
  • Instructors can easily incorporate the ManageFirst Program into their current lesson plans or training programs
  • Select program components can be used as standalone training or to supplement a class or an entire curriculum

Program Topics and Exams

The ManageFirst Program topics are broken down into four Core Credential Topics and eight Elective Topics, with an exam specific to each topic. Students earn a certificate for each exam they pass.

ManageFirst Professional® (MFP) Credential

The MFP credential recognizes students as having the academic and practical knowledge they need to succeed in the restaurant, foodservice, and hospitality industries.

To earn the MFP credential, students must:

  • Pass four Core Credential exams and one Elective exam
  • Provide documentation for 800 hours of unpaid or paid industry work experience