Foodservice Management Professional® (FMP®) program retirement

Q: What is the Foodservice Management Professional (FMP) certification?
A: The FMP certification was developed by the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s and was issued until its retirement in May 2019. The FMP certification, which does not expire, recognizes exceptional managers and supervisors who have achieved the high level of knowledge, experience and professionalism that is most valued by the industry. The FMP credential not only signifies a professional’s mastery of competencies to potential employers, but it has been an important tool that helps the industry recruit, retain and reward qualified employees.

Q: Why is the National Restaurant Association retiring the FMP program?
A: In developing the new ServSuccess professional certifications, the National Restaurant Association sought to design a credentialing program that would span multiple career levels and allow industry professionals to scaffold their achievements during the course of their career. In working with industry experts to design the new program, one that would be delivered online from the start, it became clear that it would mean organizing the exam content for manager-level professionals in a way that better met those goals. Because of the significant overlap between the competencies validated by the ServSuccess Certified Restaurant Manager and FMP credentials, the decision was made to retire FMP.

Q: Does the retirement of the FMP program render my FMP certification obsolete?
A: Absolutely not. As the FMP certification does not expire, it will continue to signify to employers your professional mastery of restaurant management and supervisory competencies. The National Restaurant Association will continue to support the validity and credibility of your earning this career achievement.

Q: How will the National Restaurant Association support the credibility of my FMP certification?
A: The National Restaurant Association website will continue to provide some explanatory information about the FMP. And employers will still be able to come to the National Restaurant Association website to confirm your receipt of the credential.

Q: What if I have downloaded an application and am planning to apply for the certification?
A: If you have downloaded an application, you will have through June 30, 2019 to complete and submit your application along with payment in order to sit for the exam. However, we strongly encourage you to consider pursuing the ServSuccess Certified Restaurant Manager credential instead. The ServSuccess program is the National Restaurant Association’s newest initiative to support restaurant workers’ careers by certifying the skills, knowledge and experience they’ve gained on the job.

Q: What happens if I have already submitted my application and payment for FMP ahead of July 1, 2019?
A: If you have already submitted your application and payment for the FMP and been approved to sit for the FMP exam, you have up to three months from the date of your application approval or until October 15, 2019 (whichever date is later) to register for a proctored exam session and sit for your exam. However, if you would like to instead pursue the ServSuccess Certified Restaurant Manager certification and take that exam instead, the National Restaurant Association will honor your payment for the FMP and, free of additional charge, provide you with the ServSuccess exam. Please contact Customer Care to pursue this option.

Q: What if I took the Exam and failed, how much time do I have to retake it?
A: If you have already taken the FMP exam and did not pass, you have up to three (3) months from the date of your application approval to register for a proctored exam session and sit for your exam again.

Q: What if I have lost my FMP certificate and need a replacement?
A: Moving forward, digital versions of FMP certificates will be available as PDFs that can be downloaded and printed. Printed FMP certificates will no longer be available after July 1, 2019.

Q: What if I have damaged my original FMP plaque or misplaced my FMP pin?
A: The National Restaurant Association will replace damaged plaques or replace lost pins while remaining supplies last. Once the existing inventory of plaques and pins have been exhausted, the National Restaurant Association will be unable to replace them.

Q: If I am a proctor for the FMP program and would like to get involved with proctoring ServSuccess professional certification exams, how can I do so?
A: All ServSuccess exams, including the Certified Restaurant Manager (CRM) exam, require live proctored exam sessions (as the National Restaurant Association is currently seeking their accreditation). This creates an opportunity for proctors of the FMP and ServSafe exam products to grow their business and provide restaurant industry professionals with the forum for taking their exams and enhancing their careers. To become a Registered Proctor for ServSuccess exams, please apply at ServSuccess.com.