Getting Started with the ManageFirst® Program

ManageFirst was designed to accommodate virtually any educational or training situation. The program topics and exams compliment the content taught on college campuses or in employee development training courses today.

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For Educators and Trainers

Become a ManageFirst Program Instructor or Proctor
Those interested in teaching program material must first register as a ManageFirst Program Instructor or Proctor in order to access the valuable teaching support materials and have exams available to them.

Get the textbooks, instructor resources and other teaching materials
All ManageFirst textbooks are available to be ordered from ManageFirst products

Explore the Instructor/Proctor Services
Here is where registered ManageFirst Program Instructors and Proctors can download or set-up all exams, create a class for an online exam, monitor exam performance and see all exam results.

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For academic institutions
If you are an academic institution interested in purchasing ManageFirst materials, contact your bookstore or National Restaurant Association Academic representative.

For industry organizations
If you are an individual interested in purchasing ManageFirst Program materials, they can be purchased directly at ManageFirst products.

For Students

Become a ManageFirst Student
For those interested in studying ManageFirst content, earning ManageFirst certificates and the ManageFirst Professional® (MFP) credential, we encourage you to explore the Student FAQs available through this site.

Get answers to the essential program questions.